Welcome to San Diego Hikes

Are you tired of boring treadmills and high-priced gym memberships? Get out on San Diego trails where the hush of the breeze lulls you, the birds cheer you on, and beautiful views await!  San Diego Hikes gives information about hiking San Diego trails.

In nature, sounds and images capture our attention involuntarily and relax us. This makes hiking in the natural world a wonderful respite. The calm that comes from spending time in San Diego nature is also associated with improved memory, increased attention span, and positive benefits for people who are stressed. It has long been known that just viewing natural images and sounds decreases healing time.  San Diego hiking trails offer an inspiring natural experience.

I’ve hiked among the trees, observed wildlife and the changing seasons here in San Diego my whole life. Feeling my feet connect to the earth with every step brings me joy. I hope the natural areas in and around San Diego County will soothe your stress, clear your head, and help you get physically fit.

Look around San Diego Hikes and get the books to discover the wonderful hiking experiences you can have. Also feel free to contact me and ask a question about hiking in San Diego.