Meet San Diego author Sheri McGregor

Sheri McGregorAs a child growing up in San Diego, Native American author Sheri McGregor remembers lying in the grass watching tiny bug worlds crawl by. Today, McGregor still watches bugs, and sometimes feels just as tiny among the towering trees, majestic mountains, and free-flowing waters of San Diego County. Authoring these hiking guides allows McGregor to share her love of the local wilderness, where even the shadows fall into intricate patterns that display the poetry of nature.

In addition to writing about nature and the outdoors, McGregor has published two novels and a novella. She writes about a variety of subjects. From psychology and health to travel, business, and home décor, her non-fiction articles, memoir works, essays, and short fiction have appeared in themed anthologies, a supplemental textbook, and national/international publications including The Washington Post,, Reader’s Digest’s Publications, Oracle Corporation’s Profit Magazine, LA Parent, InfoWeek, Restaurant Management Magazine, Sunset Publications, Chickens Magazine, and San Jose Magazine. She has contributed to The San Diego Natural Guide, assists with companies’ communication and marketing needs, and provides brochure and clinician-tool content for organizations such as the non-profit Families for Depression Awareness.

McGregor holds a Masters In Human Behavior and is fascinated by people, who they are, and what they do. She also works as a life coach. Find out more about Sheri’s writing here.

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