Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve

March 2007 034

This new preserve in the Julian area features 11 miles of multi-use trails, including a stretch of the Pacific Coast Trail. On a spring day, expect to see wild turkeys! In March, 2007, biologists were still doing carnivore studies. You may notice their chalk squares, to which a meat scent is applied. The chalk sites are then checked for carnivore activity. Also, be forewarned . . . the fences between the preserve and neighboring reservation lands are in need of repairs. That means open range cattle are roaming the preserve . . . . This can be a
little bit frightening when a curious group – -some with big horns! – – decides to join you, following along on the trail! A few big bulls, mother cows with calves, and even some playful youngsters may be up to bovine antics!. Please be respectful and let the cattle graze undisturbed. There is a letter to this affect at the trailhead, and as of March, 2007, the correspondence said that so far no one had been bothered by the cattle. For a preview, watch the video!

wild turkeys!