Daley Ranch Shuttle Temporarily Stopped

Ranch House at Daley Ranch
Ranch House at Daley Ranch

A shuttle usually runs from 8am to 4pm Sundays, taking visitors from the La Honda Drive gate down as far as the Ranch House at Daley Ranch. Temporarily, the shuttle has been stopped due to an

Daley Ranch Engelmann Oak Loop
Daley Ranch

agreement ending between the shuttle service and the city.  The distance up and over the paved entry road to the picnic area is 1.1 miles.

Cedar Creek Falls Closes

A 16 year old suffered a fatal fall from a high cliff at Cedar Creek Falls on Wednesday. The area has now been closed, and an investigation is taking place to determine safety.

Many San Diego hikers are familiar with this area, and others that can be potentially dangerous. This is a good opportunity to remind San Diego hikers to stay safe. Here are just a few tips about hiking on some of the steeper or strenuous of San Diego trails:

DO wear the proper shoes. I’ve seen people out on steep trails with slick-bottomed shoes. Not a good idea. Get hiking boots with soles that provide good grip on slippery San Diego trails.

DO know as much as you can about the trail and its conditions before you go. I suggest my books, which give detailed descriptions and maps for the San Diego hiking trails covered, as well as comprehensive safety tips in the introductory pages.

DO match your skill and physical fitness levels with the trail you choose. False bravado or an unrealistic evaluation of your ability can be dangerous. Also, please be realistic and careful when you choose to take children and/or your dog along on your hike

DON’T mix alcohol with hiking. It can lead to dehydration, poor judgment, imbalance, etc.

If you’d like to read more about the Cedar Falls closure and the recent accident that led to it, you can find that information here:

Cedar Creek Falls Closes. . . .