Day & Overnight Hikes: Anza Borrego

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

As scorching heat is swallowed by a twilight pink sky, hungry bats awaken and emerge on nimble wings, a restless predator rises to prowl, and stars grow bright. At dawn, the powdery sand is moist with dew, holding the scuttling imprints of tiny insects that scurried in the night. A tarantula hawk flits about on transparent red wings. A dragonfly hovers, beckoning you to a stream’s edge where water splashes, sprays, and tumbles, reflecting the lilting dance of your soul . . . awakened by the desert.
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McGregor divides this wondrous desert region into 8 geographic areas. Featured hikes transport you into terrain that far surpasses the much-publicized spring wildflower show. Camping in Anza Borrego Desert State Park can be part of your desert hiking experience if you choose.

What people are saying about the book…

“This is easily the most comprehensive and authoritative hiking guide to date on the sprawling Anza Borrego Desert. McGregor offers treks for all different experience levels and describes them with an infectious enthusiasm that makes you want to drop whatever you are doing and head straight for this spectacular desert haven.” ~Annette McGivney, Southwest Editor, Backpacker Magazine

“The book profiles 32 top trails in the largest desert park in the U.S. The author has explored the region extensively and offers information on how to enjoy the desert, secret oases, and the wildlife and plants that inhabit the area.” ~Terri Schute, North County Times

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