Merrell Hiking Boots

Your choice of a hiking boot can be as personal as your brand of underwear. Comfort, durability and style count.

I prefer low tops, because my sensitive (bony) ankles don’t fare well after long trail hours rubbed by traditional high top hiking boots.

For fit and function, Merrell has an ample style catalog that satisfies the eye, plus offers fit technology with a step above some other boots (excuse the pun). Adequate toe room protects your tootsies, while a snug heel and instep prevent foot slippage, which can cause blisters.

Allowing for natural gender differences in feet, Merrell offers specific comfort and performance features for their women’s styles. At first, I didn’t believe this to be important, but trying them on convinced me.

Flexible insoles move along with your feet, and Merrell boots offer technological advances such as Thinsulate, GoreTex, and Polartec for warm, breathable, and/or waterproof boots.

All of these technical qualities aside, I wear Merrell hiking boots because they look good and feel great – – – both of which make them fun to kick around in. And they help me stay on my toes near the end of a long, happy day on the trail. After wearing Merrell boots, I won’t be eager to try any other brand.

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