San Diego Hiking: Good Exercise for a Good Report Card

Kids being activeWhen it comes to physical fitness, San Diego children have a slightly poorer report card than the already dismal national average. The California Department of Education collects statistics from schools’ physical fitness tests, and the compiled data reflects America’s obesity epidemic. Instead of parking in front of the television or computer this weekend, why not enjoy some healthy family time out on the trail? Physical training may also have an interesting side benefit for your kids. The tests also show a correlation between good physical fitness and high academic scores.

No Excuses
San Diego’s open space parks and preserves await your exploration. Getting out into the fresh air with your spouse and family is both physically and psychologically healthy. Peruse the calories-burned benefits below then pull on your sturdy shoes and get hiking in San Diego!

Approx Calories burned in 1 hour:

  • Flat hike, leisurely pace (2mph) carrying no weight => 90
  • Flat hike, semi-leisurely pace (2.5mph), no weight => 120
  • Up and down hills, carrying 0-9 lbs weight => 360

Enjoy Nature On San Diego’s Hikes
What better way to get to know your children? On a trail lined with tangy-scented sage and birdsong filling the air, families get out of their usual environments. As the path curves around to a ridge, and a gauzy veil of early morning clouds drifts amid valley trees below, you won’t be thinking about who left towels on the floor, didn’t do homework or forgot to take out the trash. The surprising beauty of a bright blue pond appearing in the middle of pine forest or the sight of colorful orange-tipped butterflies flitting from monkey flowers in yellow, orange and red free the mind to focus on the present. Each step into a beautiful natural setting leads you to a spirit unfettered by the troubles left behind.

Happy hiking!With growing children, time races amid the busy-ness of life. Get out into the wilderness areas of San Diego, hike into a future of good memories and family bonds forged closer through pleasant shared experiences. Besides, hiking builds muscle and stamina –­­– good for your children.

Adults will also benefit. Hiking paves a wellness path toward continued physical fitness and activity, readying you for the time when you take a grandchild’s hand, and enjoy a beautiful San Diego hike.

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